Frequently Asked Questions

I’m going on vacation; can I make up the share another week?

We are so sorry, but this is not an option at this time. The planting and harvest season is planned out in advance, and we are a very small team. Because all flowers are fresh cut & perishable, we are not able to hold them. We recommend planning in advance and offering your bouquet for the week to a family member or friend. Please notify us 48 hours in advance if someone else is picking up your bouquet share that week. It is your responsibility to ensure they have the correct pickup information. 

I can’t make it to my scheduled pick-up. Can I come another day?

If you have chosen the farm as your pick-up location, we are able to hold your CSA bouquet for one additional day. Please contact us in advance of your intention to pick up at the farm on Saturday from 9:00 am-11am ONLY. If we do not hear from you, we will not be able to hold your bouquet. All uncollected product is composted at the end of the business day if not picked up and if no prior arrangements have been made 48 hours in advance.

Will my bouquet come in a vase? 

No, no vases will be provided. All bouquets will consist of approximately 10-25 stems of fresh cut, locally grown flowers, wrapped in kraft paper with stem ends wrapped in a wet paper towel and secure bag and vase ready.

Can I pick which flowers will be included?

All of our flower CSA shares include the very best of the season’s blooms. The arrangement is designed by our skilled floral designer, and we are not able to take requests for specific varieties. 

Allergy – If you or the gift recipient requires that a certain variety of flower is withheld due to an allergy or pet toxicity concern, this information must be provided during placement of the order and before the first delivery of your share. If this is a gift, as the giver you are fully responsible to acquiring this information and providing to us before delivery. The recipient is welcome to contact us by going directly to our Contact page and send a message.

By making this purchase, you agree to not hold Moonheart Flower Farm or the parent company, liable for any outcome related to allergic reaction or toxicity in the recipient, child or pet.

* Due to the nature of open field commercial cut flower production, we are able to provide a crop preview of the varieties that we intend to grow but are unable to guarantee any crop. All varieties, regardless of season are subject to weather, disease and other unforeseen adverse conditions.

Do you include edible flowers?

Moonheart Flower Farm does not sell flowers as edibles. While some varieties may be known to be safe for consumption, as a company we do not market or sell any flowers for consumption. The buyer and or recipient is fully responsible for their bouquet and any actions taken with all materials, plant or otherwise, included immediately upon acceptance or delivery. We ask that our bouquets be enjoyed for their natural beauty on display only. Thank you!

When will my share start?

The flower shares will start early to mid-May (spring share) June-early July (summer share) depending on weather. An email 10-14 days ahead of time will be sent out to notify subscribers of our start date.

How do I care for my flowers? 

Each bouquet comes with a care instructions card attached to the kraft paper wrap as well as a flower food packet (if you would like to use). Flowers hold the best when out of direct sunlight & vase water is changed regularly.

 Prior to purchase, please carefully review the CSA Terms and Conditions.

I need some extra flowers, is this possible?

Yes! We can always add on to your CSA order. Contact us by email 48 hours prior to the morning of your CSA pickup day and we can make plans to have extra flowers for you. We will not be able to provide additional flowers without 48-hour notice. All unaccounted-for stems are sold.

You can also place a special order for a different day for pickup at the farm. Go to contact us and send us a message to place your special order.