Who We Are

Welcome to our little slice of heaven!  Moonheart Farms is in rural New Market township in Scott County,  Minnesota.  Our farm is nestled in a beautiful area with rolling agricultural fields, high quality woodlands and wetlands supporting a diversity of wildlife, located in the southwest region of the Twin Cities metropolitan area.

We enjoy growing cut flowers and herbs and dreaming of the day we will offer the many different fruits we have planted but aren’t quite ready yet.  We see nurturing beauty as an expression of our best selves.  We know that investing in sustainable growing practices is critical to the future of farming and we practice no-till and reduced till farming methods.  Our focus on managing our beautiful piece of fertile land is nurturing soil health and following soil health principles which include disturb the soil less, provide for a greater diversity of plants, maintain living roots in the soil as much as possible, and keep the soil covered with plants and their residues at all times.  We do this by using cover crops in areas of our land when we don’t have flowers or herbs growing there.  We think of our soil as a living biological system.  Our role as soil managers and farmers is to make the soil the best habitat possible for soil microorganisms to thrive, build soil organic matter and feed our plants.  We practice conservation biocontrol by dedicating areas of our fields to native forbs and grasses, to provide habitat for native beneficial insects for natural pest control and to improve the biodiversity of our farm by making our land a welcoming place for those insects and other pollinators.

We hand select each variety we grow and source each seed, corm, bulb and cutting.  We love to grow the uncommon, unique and heirloom varieties and hand sow everything we grow and offer.


A little about me – Melissa.  At a very young age, my parents taught me how to grow vegetables and flowers.  We had a small garden at our city home, and I loved learning how to plant from seed, care for and harvest different vegetables that our family would have for dinner during the summers.  I spent lots of time on my grandparent’s farm growing up and dreamed of the day I would have my own farm.  I grew up to have a career (which I still currenting do full-time) in natural resources and watershed management.  I teach people about native plants, how to design and install raingardens, lakeshore restorations, native prairie and manage projects that improve and protect water quality.  Having that knowledge of plants and ecology gave me a head start in my horticulture career.  I have a deep passion for growing flowers and design work.  I have always grown flowers in my personal gardens and enjoyed observing the interactions of nature in and around my personal space.  In 2018, my husband and I purchased and moved to this community and look forward to growing our business.


A little about Pat – he wears a few hats here on the farm, tractor operator, fixer of all things, mechanic, and helps with whatever else I ask for. His background is in information technology and aviation, and he works full-time off the farm. In his spare time, he is flying airplanes or playing soccer.